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Charles “Chip” H. Pearson
Sep 02, 1966 - Apr 19, 2018

Charles “Chip” H. Pearson, 51, died April 19, 2018, at St. Luke’s Hospital from severe head injuries received in a car accident on April 8 in Kansas City MO.


Unmarried, he was the son of Stanley S. and Ardyce H. Pearson of Kansas City MO.   He lived in the Westport area of Kansas City.


Chip was born Sept. 2, 1966, in Charlotte, NC.  He moved to Kansas City with his family at age 6 in 1972.  He attended Bryant Grade School and The Barstow  School, graduating in 1984.  He was an Eagle Scout with Boy Scout Troop 66.  He graduated from Univ. of Kansas in 1989 with a major in mathematics.


After college he was employed by Electronic Data Systems, a large computer firm,  where he worked in several cities in Michigan and Indiana.  As an independent computer programmer he returned to live in Kansas City in 1998, founding Radial Velocity Computing and Pearson Software Consulting, LLC.


Chip was awarded Microsoft’s Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for sixteen straight years.


He is survived by his parents.  His older brother Steven and younger sister Susan died earlier.  A private service will be held. Please, no food or flowers.


Patrick O'Beirne Apr 30, 2018

Grateful Excel user ,Gorey

My sympathies to Chip's family for the untimely loss. I benefited over the years from his valuable information on his web site.

Raymond Gota Toudji Apr 30, 2018

Fellow VBA programmer ,The Hague (The Netherlands) ,Nevada

I only knew him from his Excel VBA website and LinkedIn Excel groups. He was one of the very bests on the planet to teach and explain things. Glad to have 'known' him, sad to hear he is no longer among us! He will be missed big time..

Jim Chisholm Apr 30, 2018

acquaintenance ,White Lake ,Michigan

I never met Chip in person but frequented his website and exchanged the occasional email with him. He was very giving of his time and talent. He went above and beyond and was always ready to lend a hand. Know that he'll be remembered and missed.

Arvin Meyer Apr 30, 2018

Friend ,Florida

I was deeply saddened on hearing of Chip's passing. He was a friend and fellow MVP. A genius at Excel, he changed the face of that product forever and help literally millions of other programmers with his expertise. He will be missed.

Bob Phillips Apr 30, 2018

Friend ,Poole, Dorset, UK

I am so sorry to hear of Chip's untimely passing. He was an inspiration to me when I started working with VBA, and later became a friend and colleague. So many people from all corners of the world have been helped, directly and indirectly, by Chip's unselfish sharing on his website. There must be so much code out there that can be traced back to Chip. We are richer to have known him, and will miss him enormously.

Vitosh K. Doynov Apr 30, 2018

Reader of his blog, who has learned a lot from him ,Nurnberg, Germany

My sympathies to Chip's family for the untimely loss. I did not have the honor of meeting him in person or even online, I am a reader of his helpful blog.

Sergio Del Villar Apr 30, 2018

Fan of his work ,Mexico(Country) ,New Mexico

You were a great tutor through all your examples, I was able to do some amazing work based on your expertise and knowledge. Great minds live forever, thank you teacher!

Mark Townsend Apr 30, 2018

Unrelated ,Bournemouth

What sad news. Chip was a legend in the Excel community. He must have helped hundreds of thousands of users. My condolences.

Petros Chatzipantazis Apr 30, 2018

Blog fan ,United Kingdom

"Like as the waves make towards the pebbled shore, so do our minutes hasten to their end..." Chip was a technology genius who gave so much to the friendly Excel community. He will be greatly missed

Adrian Bell Apr 30, 2018

Fan ,London, England ,AL

Please don't feel the need to reply. I just wanted to express my sympathies to his family. Chip was a bit of a star in our field and will be sorely missed. I know I've benefited on many occasions from some of the work he's made available.

Zack Barresse Apr 30, 2018

Friend ,Boardman ,Oregon

Deepest and sincerest condolences to Chip's family and friends. I've known Chip for many years as Excel geeks, meeting up at Microsoft headquarters. He was a pioneer in Excel, and quite unarguably has helped more people with Excel than anyone else on the planet.

Onkar Apr 30, 2018

Excel VBA Fan ,Mumbai, India

I'm just a regular visitor to his page, mostly through Google, from India However, a very large part of my professional learning is because people like him shared generously Thank you Chip, I can't thank you enough and sorry I am late. To his family and friends I just want to say Chip has thousands of us fans around the globe, some vocal but mostly silent Every time we run a macro, or VBA code it's a small tribute to one of the real great and generous toolmakers of the modern day office So you should grieve his loss, but celebrate his legacy in someway My condolences and may his soul rest in peace

David J Braden Apr 30, 2018

Friend ,Salinas ,California

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Pearson, I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your child. Sad to say, I have an inkling of what it is like (I lost a daughter 3 years ago). Although I first met Chip within the circle of his professional pursuits, our friendship quickly went beyond that. He would call me every so often about events that rankled him (e.g., Kansas' banning public school texts mentioning Darwin's views on evolution). He would also call for advice on non-technical things that bothered him. I knew of the tragic loss of your daughter; I had no idea about your other child. While I realize that anything I write you cannot help a whit, I so hope that you come to fully realize that you raised a wonderfully witty, widely admired, and generous child. God Bless (to which, of course, Chip would squirm)

Pete May 01, 2018

user of his Excel website ,Australia

Chip's absolutely first-class Excel website is the best I've seen. Chip generously put an enormous amount of talent & knowledge into his work & consequently has helped many Excel users worldwide. Condolences to Chip's family & friends

Dan Elgaard May 01, 2018

Fellow Excel nerd ,Struer, Denmark

RIP, Chip - you will be missed.

Bill Benson May 01, 2018

Beneficiary of Chip's generous gift of knowledge ,Schenectady ,New York

Chip was one of the original and most respected giants. This sad event has hurt my heart a lot today. But as with everyone else I am sure who will post, his generosity and sharing will go on and on and on in terms of shaping and informing our own attitudes about sharing information and know how. RIP great soul.

David Miley May 01, 2018

Excel User Group ,Fort Worth ,Texas

I did not know Chip personally, but his contribution to everything Excel is huge and a great person to have shared so much. He will be greatly missed. I am sincerely sorry for your loss.

Charles A Peirce May 01, 2018

Fellow programmer ,Nottingham, UK

With deepest sympathies to Mr and Mrs Pearson. While I never met Chip, he was a presence in my life, where now there is an empty space. My thoughts are with you.

Fellow Access User May 01, 2018

None ,San Pedro ,California

Thinking of you both and hoping that your memories of Chip will sustain you during this difficult time.

MR R S WATKINS May 02, 2018

Grateful student ,Swindon

My sincere condolences go out to the Pearson family. Chip was a giant in the Excel developer community. I and so many others owe Chip an unrepayable debt of gratitude for his brilliance and willingness to share. In part, I owe my livelihood to Chip as he awoke a desire in me to "be like him" God bless you Chip. Thank you. May you rest in peace.

Darryl Collins May 02, 2018

Grateful Excel & VBA Developer ,Melbourne - Australia ,Arizona

RIP Chip. To your family I am sorry for your loss. Just wanted to say a final goodbye and thank you to a man who selflessly gave so much knowledge, advice and skills to a global community of developer, users and anyone who was just stuck with a VBA or MS Excel issue. It is a huge loss for all of us - Thanks for everything Chip. You were one of the best.

Rob Miller May 03, 2018

Admirer and beneficiary of his Code ,Dearborn ,Michigan

Know this, Chip impacted and helped many people globally who work with Excel and VBA. His passing is a great loss to us all. My heart goes out to the Pearson family, loosing a child is a heartbreaking thing, no matter what age they are. RIP Chip

JoseLuis May 03, 2018

website user

Sad news, his website helped me and a lot more all over the world. A life usefull and helping so much people is a live not wasted a very good lived!. RIP

Steve Rindsberg May 05, 2018

Fellow Microsoft MVP ,Cincinnati ,Ohio

Chip's work and generosity in sharing it has had a more widespread and profound effect on the VB/VBA programming community than can ever be measured. I can't tell you how many times a quick trip to his site provided a solution to a problem that would have taken me hours (days? lifetime?) to solve on my own. I've always been and will remain deeply grateful for the help so freely given by this brilliant man I've never actually met. Thank you, Chip. We'll all miss you more than you ever could have imagined.

Michael Nagy May 07, 2018

Student via his online Excel presence ,Melbourne, Australia

My heartfelt condolences. Chip improved many people's professional lives through his online presence including mine.

Michael Jones May 08, 2018

VBA Acolyte ,Webb City ,Missouri

Mr. and Mrs. Pearson, Please accept my sincerest condolences for the loss of your son. His website was used and referenced by many, and his VBA code examples will continue to be of assistance to those in need. Sincerely, M. Jones

Ben May 29, 2018

online ,Vancouver ,AL

Hello, I never met Chip in person but read his online blogs. I am terribly sorry for your loss. You probably know already that Chip was outstanding at what he did. He'll be missed by many. Wish you all the best. Ben Pedret Vancouver, Canada

Jarrod Rywolt May 30, 2018

unofficial student ,Branford ,Connecticut

Chip's website is a standard go to for many a novice programmer and an unselfish gift to the world of automation. My condolences to his family. My praise to those who keep his works published for the next generation. Chip's website and legacy is an asset to so many analysts, corporations, and students.

Jared Dolich May 30, 2018

One of Chip's many fans ,Ridgewood ,New Jersey

A tragic loss for so many. Most of what I know about Microsoft I learned from Chip. My sincerest condolences.

David Gray, MBA May 30, 2018

Fellow Excel VBA Programmer ,Irving (suburb of Dallas) ,Texas

I have used many of Chip's examples as a starting point for my own work. When a search returned a link to a page on his Web site, I would skip others ahead of it, confident that his would be the clearest, most comprehensible article on the topic at hand. I was never disappointed.

Naz Jun 02, 2018

Deepest condolences for an awesome guy

Ricardo Marques Jul 27, 2018

My deepest condolences. His work helped me a lot. From Lisbon, Ricardo Marques.

SungDong Kwon Sep 12, 2018

Occasionally visitor to Chip's site ,Ansan city in South Korea

Since I have happened to know Chip's site I often visit his site because he has many and experienced knowledge of Excel & vba and share it with all people interested in Excel. I heard the sad news which Mr. Chip passed away yesterday and so am under his memorial. Thanks for your contribution to excel's potential world. Very Regards, SungDong Kwon from South Korea

Peter Danes Sep 25, 2018

None ,Prague

Sorry to read this. Chip was an immensly helpful person in online tech communities, and his freely shared knowledge aided many people over the years, including me. He improved the lot of more people than anyone will ever know, and asked nothing in return for dispersing his hard-won wisdom. He will be missed.

John Huffman Oct 04, 2018

A Fan ,Trenton ,Georgia

Helpful smart people are in short supply, so it's sad to hear of the tragedy of this shining star. Chip was the shit and without his talents, I can guarantee that there are computer files and programs everywhere that would either be half-finished or coughing along with errors. My condolences to his family and friends. He will be missed and remembered.

Diogo Cuba Dec 24, 2018

Fan ,Rio de Janeiro

My deepest condolences to Chip´s family. I am a fan from Brazil and I used his insights in one of my projects and they were very helpfull. People like Chip are very well appreciated worldwide and they drive people looking for support to go further on their personal and professional projects. Sharing his knowledge with the community is a way to keep Chip always alive in our codes, computers, hearts and minds. Regards, Diogo Cuba

William Selander Feb 25, 2022

Excel Enthusiast ,Easton ,Pennsylvania

Thank you for your work in the excel space, the world still benefits from your contributions. Rest in peace.